One clear, strong voice from Medtronic Surgical Technologies(MST) Medtronic Surgical Technologies has acquired new businesses, new technologies as well as absorbed and consolidated other units within. This rapid growth has resulted in little design consistency across its portfolio. In 2009 Medtronic partnered with Metaphase to develop one unified design language. As the principle designer working with MST executives, my role was to thoroughly understand the strategic thinking of MST high level management , lead the effort to develop the overall strategy, define the key attributes in principle, design and develop the ID language and the manual. The manual was printed in hundreds and distributed in Medtronic as a guide for their R&D teams use across the nation.

This guide focuses on the physical design of the products and packaging. It outlines an approach MST can use to design the products that communicate value excellence for which it stands. This guide visually presents the design principles with solid specific design examples and case studies. It covers the entire design spectrum, from physical forms to aesthetic details. The intent of the guide is to inspire innovation, not to restrict designs resulting in the unification of MST portfolios. Since the manual published internally, all MST products and packaging designs have had a clear direction to follow. The unified look and feel have been widely recognized.


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