enLiving, LLC. dedicates to the transformative technology innovation rooted in first-hand research with professionals, direct users, and related stakeholders. In healthcare-related design, enLiving is committed to quality improvements of healthcare practice and service through novel products and methodologies that affect patients' quality of living as well as healthcare professionals’ performance. We value the contribution to the community through the dissemination of impactful work and intellectual properties. enLiving’s advisory board includes a network of professionals in the MD Anderson Medical Center, Texas Women’s University, UT Health, and The VA Research Center Houston.


Professor Feng is a designer with over 25 years of experience in designing and developing new products in the industries of healthcare, consumer electronics, product packaging, etc. Jeff has worked as the design director at Metaphase Design Group for 7 years before he joined the UH ID program. Since then, Professor Feng’s students have won major international design awards including Red Dot, IDEA, etc. In design practice, as an expert in design thinking, creative problem solving, design project management, design team building, and management, Jeff has led the design team to win design awards and recognition, most notably IDEA, Medical Design Excellence Award, and ID magazine collection. His works have been published in ID magazine, Metropolis magazine, Medical Design, Appliance Design magazine, etc. Jeff has been providing product design and development services for Fortune global 500 corporations such as Wal-Mart, PepsiCo, MacDonald’s, Coca-cola, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Sanofi, Lowes, Biogen Idec, Medtronic, Bayer, LG, Caterpillar, Deere, etc. Jeff holds over 45 U.S. and international design and utility patents.

In addition to the design service through the studio, enLiving.org showcases a wide range of meaningful research projects led by professor Feng with his students over years. These projects demonstrate a unique and effective approach through a user-centered research process to uncover some critical problems and develop effective solutions through experimentation.

I+E lab
Innovation + Entrepreneurship Lab is an interdisciplinary course led by professor Feng with a panel of advising faculties from Colleges in the University of Houston and other institutions. This course is about establishing an open environment for the interdisciplinary E-teams formed by students, business mentors, and faculty advisors. Through a well-structured design and technology development and business building framework, E-teams go through the real-world problem-solving process to develop valuable intellectual properties with an attempt to form startups in bringing these technologies to the market.

This is an online store of some selected works designed by professor Feng's students over the years. These works are of high quality in innovation as well as aesthetics. Most of them earned national and international recognitions. We are happy to be able to offer these works for sale at a very limited edition in the near future.


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