Senior designer and researcher Manuel Garzon transformed a common scale into a new exciting experience through Serene. Most scales on the market are square with sharp edges and corners. Their top surfaces are flat and made out of stainless steel or glass. They are hard and cold to the touch. All scales have a display on top suggesting the user to bend his neck 90 degrees to read the display. Balancing generates inconsistent readings and creates a poor user experience. Users struggle to get an accurate reading by trying a few times. It is a static, cold, clinical and sometimes an intimidating experience to step on these scales.

There is nothing more relaxing that walking barefoot on river rocks. Nothing made by nature is flat, my feet are not exception. The design should comfort and submit humbly to the form of the feet. Serene is designed to comfort your feet. Its top surface is contoured like a river cobble. It feels soft and natural.Once Serene detects motion, it invites you to step on with a warm welcoming glow. Visual interactions makes Serene appear animated therefore it creates a positive emotional connection with the room. The sensor can be programmed to be active on specific days to act as a reminder. Once the weight is calculated a pleasant tone will tell you when to step off. Serene will reveal the reading after stepping off the scale. The display will remain on for you to read easily. You don’t have to bend your neck and struggle to read the display anymore.


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