Due to illness in their infected joints, people, especially seniors with arthritis are challenged every day in their normal life. Pouring heavy liquid containers is one of the daunting daily tasks that cause pain and even injury. enPour is a simple and friendly device developed especially for them to pour weighted containers.

enPour is developed with compassion for the user, and through extensive prototyping and testing. Its functional advance and clean design do not project a stigma. The product is intuitive and easy to use. After placing the containers on the base, it is ready for pouring. The micro-suction cupped silicone surface base and vertical arm holds any shaped container securely.The required force is so low that the user can use just two fingers to gently pour. enPour is stylishly and elegant fitting in most of kitchens. Unlike other devices, which are only compatible with one or two containers, enPour is specifically developed to fit a wide range of containers. Its’ open base accommodates vessels like plastic milk jugs, juice bottles, tea/coffee kettles, large water jugs, bottles, and large washing bowls.

We are enLiving, a health-care focused medical research, Design, and Development Company. We are committed to the improvement of our customers’ daily living, and we are dedicated to transformative innovation rooted in first-hand research. enPour is one realization of our on-going research and design projects. With your support, we are going to put more highly intuitive and beautiful products, like enPour, in the hands of people with arthritis and other disabilities.


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