Desgin Studio: Culture + Technology
This curriculum is designed for the coming junior and senior industrial design and architecture students to learn and be inspired by the culture and advanced technologies in the context of emerging cities in Northeast Asia where western designs and digital technology have transformed the cities dramatically. The unique strength of the course is to provide an immersive learning context for students to fully embrace and expereince the impact of the advancement in design through a perpective of culture and technology. The course integrates a 30-day study trip through four major cities in three countries including Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, and Shanghai. Students will visit design centers/groups of some mostly advanced technology driven courporations, manufactures, and institutions.

The course proceeds in such a fashion with its contents running thematically on significant historical, cultural, and technology-driven elements of Northeast Asian living experiences. Students are to be stimulated and inspired through an exposure to a completely different culture.

The course facilitates an effective connection between learning and design problem solving through a systematic research and design process. In the preparation phase, through lectures and discussions, students are exposed to the real world applications in the following areas: • IOT and Smart Home Tech. • AR and VR. • Machine Learning. • Automation. Based on individual’s learning interest, students choose one issue or subject at home or work, conduct their focused study through the oversea trip, and develop their solutions along the process. Students will have opportunities to collaborate with local students in facilitating their on-site research in four cities. Since this studio is a combination of multi-level students: junior and senior students, in order to ensure the best learning outcome, student’s design subject will be individually guided and evaluated in terms of a sensible level of complexity and difficulty.


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